Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1000 blog posts!

I just noticed that I have now made more than 1000 posts on this blog! It is hard to believe. It all started three years ago when I heard a talk about blogging at the I2CAM annual meeting by Clifford Johnson.

The blog now gets about 3,000 page views per week. However, I still wish it generated more comments and discussion. I fear I am just not controversial enough.


  1. I would comment more, but like I said before, logging in was too much of a hassle.

    Also, I fear I am just not smart enough.

  2. Indeed, it's an fairly intimidating subject when nothing much actually known with a high probability that everything you know is wrong.

    Just sayin ...

  3. Speaking as someone who enjoys reading your blog, but hasn't commented (so far), I wish you wouldn't get disheartened about the relatively low level of comments. It's probably more important to have a large and committed readership.

  4. Indeed not overly controversial, but nonetheless stimulating! Here's to the next 1000.