Thursday, December 15, 2011

Is Papers 2.1 an improvement?

I really love the program Papers for the Mac.
They just released version 2.1 and so I downloaded a trial version.
However, after a week I reverted back to my old version 1. I had trouble getting the "Match" and "Query" functions to work and so gave up.
I welcome alternative views and suggestions.


  1. Yeah, matching and searching are a pain in the new version. I haven't had time to play around with it and figure out workarounds.

  2. Hi Ross,

    (disclaimer) I'm currently the lead developer behind Papers for iOS.

    I happened to stumble over this blog. I'm sorry to hear you encountered difficulties with the new search system. It's designed to save scientists time and hassle when having by merging results from multiple search engines and giving you some powerful filtering tools. I'd be very interested in your experience, and what made you revert back to Papers 1. Maybe we can incorporate some suggestions into a future version of Papers.

    Let me know here, or email directly.

    Best wishes,