Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Overdoped cuprates are an anisotropic marginal Fermi liquid

The paper Consistent description of the metallic phase of overdoped cuprate superconductors as an anisotropic marginal Fermi liquid that Jure Kokalj and I recently wrote has just been accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters.
We received two very detailed and helpful referee reports which led us to significantly improve the manuscript. Here I mention just one point. Both referees were surprised that we showed clear disagreement between the temperature dependence of the anisotropic scattering rate and the Hidden Fermi liquid theory of Casey and Anderson [which showed agreement in a recent PRL]. Both referees suggested that it was the manner in which we did our plots, which was different from Casey and Anderson. So we produced the plot below. The key difference  is that we used a much larger vertical scale and we compared data at several different dopings.

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