Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Spin-crossover in geophysics

Most of my posts on spin-crossover materials have been concerned with organometallic compounds. However, this phenomena can also occur in inorganic materials. Furthermore, it may be particularly relevant in geophysics. A previous post discussed how strong electron correlations may play a role in geomagnetism and DMFT calculations have given some insight.

A nice short overview and introduction is
Electronic spin transition of iron in the Earth's deep mantle 
Jung‐Fu Lin Steven D. Jacobsen Renata M. Wentzcovitch

[It contains the figure below]
The main material of interest is magnesiow├╝stite, an alloy of magnesium and iron oxide,

Experimental studies and DFT calculations suggest that as the pressure increases the iron ions undergo a transition from high spin to low spin. The basic physics is that the pressure reduces the Fe-O bond lengths which increases the crystal field splitting.
In geophysics, the pressure increases as one goes further underground.

DFT+U calculations are reported in
Spin Transition in Magnesiow├╝stite in Earth’s Lower Mantle 
Taku Tsuchiya, Renata M. Wentzcovitch, Cesar R. S. da Silva, and Stefano de Gironcoli

The main result is summarised in the figure below.
There is a smooth crossover from high spin to slow spin, as is observed experimentally. However, it should be pointed out that this smoothness (versus a first-order phase transition with hysteresis) is built into the calculation (i.e. assumed) since the low spin fraction n is calculated using a single site model.  On the other hand, the interaction between spins may be weak because this is a relatively dilute alloy of iron (x=0.1875).
Also, the vibrational entropy change associated with the transition is not included. In organometallics, this can have a significant quantitative effect on the transition.

The elastic constants undergo a significant change with the transition. This is important for geophysics because these changes affect phenomena such as the transmission of earthquakes.

Abnormal Elasticity of Single-Crystal Magnesiosiderite across the Spin Transition in Earth’s Lower Mantle 
Suyu Fu, Jing Yang, and Jung-Fu Lin

A previous post considered changes in the elasticity and phonons in organometallic spin-crossover. Unfortunately, that work did not have the ability to resolve different elastic constants.

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