Sunday, November 24, 2013

The commuting problem

I am not talking about commuting operators in quantum mechanics.

When considering a job offer, or the relative merits of multiple job offers [a luxury] rarely does one hear discussion of the daily commute associated with the job. Consider the following two options.

A. The prestigious institution is in a large city and due to the high cost of housing you will have to commute for greater than an hour. Furthermore, this commute involves driving in heavy traffic or taking and waiting for crowded public transport.

B. A less prestigious institution offers you on campus [or near campus] housing so you can walk 5-15 minutes to work each day.

The difference is considerable. Option A will waste more than 10 hours of each week and increase your stress and reduce your energy. In light of that you may end up being more productive and successful at B.

It is interesting that

I realise the options often aren't that simple. Furthermore, you may not have a choice. Also, time is not the only factor. A one hour train ride to and from work each day may not be that bad if you can always get a seat and there are tables to work on. Some people really enjoy a 40 minute bicycle ride to and from work each day.

I am just saying it is an issue to consider.

I once had an attractive job offer that I once turned down largely because of commuting . I am glad I did. So is my family.

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