Thursday, November 28, 2013

Another bad metal talk

Today I am giving a talk on bad metals at the 2013 Gordon Godfrey Workshop on Strong Electron Correlations and Spins in Sydney.
Here is the current version of the slides for the talk.

One question I keep getting asked is, "Are these dirty systems?" NO! They are very clean. The bad metal arises purely from electron-electron interactions.

The main results in the talk are in a recent PRL, written with Jure Kokalj.
The organic charge transfer salts and the relevant Hubbard model are discussed extensively in a review, written with Ben Powell. However, I stress that this bad metal physics is present in a wide range of strongly correlated electron materials. The organics just provide a nice tuneable system to study.
A recent review of the Finite Temperature Lanczos Method is by Peter Prelovsek and Janez Bonca.

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