Monday, July 8, 2013

Hiking in Telluride

Besides the great science, a wonderful thing about Telluride meetings is the opportunity to do some hiking in the Rocky Mountains. This is my third time here and slowly I am finding some nice hikes that are directly accessible from the town.

I arrived one day early to try and get over jetlag. Yesterday I did the hike described here. It took about 5 hours at a leisurely place. I think Eric Bittner made me aware of this hike. A few of my photos are above. But, today I am a bit sore from all the downhill...

Disclaimer: this is for experienced fit hikers. Make sure you have adequate clothing, water, sun screen, food, map, ..... Also beware of altitude sickness.


  1. Hi Ross - I'm down the hall from you at the quantum transport workshop. Perhaps we will get a chance to meet face-to-face later in the week!

  2. I've heard of Eric's hikes, and I've seen his hiking shoes. That would be something. I hope the altitude sickness didn't hit you hard; it hit me harder this time than in 2011. I had a mean headache that tuesday. Remember water, water, water. -Seth