Saturday, June 22, 2013

Getting a new Macbook functional

I have had my MacBook Pro for 3.5 years. I just bought a new one. I didn't need anything faster or fancier. I was just nervous about the old one self-destructing, particularly since I am about to go on a long trip.

I am slowly getting the new one functional with the same software and settings as the old one. Overall this is going smoothly but is a bit tedious. I have switched from Apple Mail to Outlook because UQ does not support the former properly. I haven't tackled Papers yet.

Any hints on what to watch for in such a process?


  1. I use time machine. So when I bought a new macbook, I simply initiated it with the most recent time machine backup of my imac.

    I imagine that even if you don't use time machine (which you probably should?), there is some option to create an image of your entire old macbook, and then simply load it onto your new one.

    I could be wrong, but this was awesome for me. It took 1 minute of prep,, and a couple of hours waiting, then I had a clone of an existing computer, all files included.

  2. I am stuck with Snow Leopard since I cannot get used to the new Spaces/Expose in Lion or Mountain Lion... Having 2 systems with different OSes can be a bit of a productivity handicap...