Friday, June 21, 2013

Berry curvature and magnetoresistance

Tony Wright and I just finished a preprint Berry curvature determines the angle dependence of interlayer magnetoresistance oscillations

  We show that angle dependent interlayer magnetoresistance oscillations are altered due to the presence of a non-zero Berry curvature at the Fermi surface. The usual field-independent `magic angle' condition for interlayer magnetoresistance extrema, becomes field dependent due to the Berry curvature.
By two complementary methods, we obtain identical results for both bulk three-dimensional layered as well as bilayer systems. This allows a robust method to measure the Berry curvature at the Fermi surface. In particular, the topological properties of layered graphene sheets, topological insulators, Chern insulators, and topological superconductors, can be probed by angle dependent interlayer magnetoresistance oscillations. For moderate magnetic field strengths, a shift in the tilt angle of the magnetoresistance extrema of the order of degrees is feasible, well within current experimental resolution.

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  1. Note that the above post refers to the original arxiv posting, which involved an error.