Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quantum principles for functional electronic materials?

Here is the current version of the talk I will give this afternoon at the workshop in Germany on
Quantum efficiency: from biology to materials science.

I am really excited about this workshop since it involves people and topics that so strongly overlap with my interests.

I decided to talk less about the specifics of some of my own research and more about some of the general issues in the field and specifically how the spin-boson model gives us insight into the rates at which transitions occur between specific quantum states in complex molecular systems.

One thing I am still not clear on (convinced of) is:
does quantum coherence necessarily enhance the rate at which processes occur?


  1. The answer to whether quantum coherence necssarily enhances the rate of processes seems to be clearly "no." The obvious example would be disordered systems, where coherence instead causes Anderson localization, suppressing transport.

  2. Thanks Stephan, that is a very good point and helpful.