Friday, May 29, 2009

Why blog?

One of the reasons I started this blog was in the hope it would benefit other members of the UQ condensed matter theory group, particularly students and postdocs.
Hence, I am keen they read it and provide feedback.

I want it to be an efficient way of:
  • enhancing the mentoring process, learning how I think about science and starting a career in science.
  • extending our other meetings
  • giving my perspective on some of the seminars we all go to
  • communicating some of my excitement about science
  • teaching (and re-learning) key concepts
  • keeping up with me when I am travelling; where am I? what am I doing? what am I learning?
  • providing easy access to information, such as talks I have given, and often-given advice,...
I look forward to having a discussion this week about

1. to what extent are some of the above goals being met?
2. how could the blog be made more useful?


  1. I always enjoy (technical) science based blogs from experienced academics when they go over some (relatively) fundamental concept. Because, invariably, it's never as simple as we were originally taught :)

    And your excitement is almost always evident, Ross!

  2. Thanks, Joel. Great to hear from you. I am flattered that you like the blog. I should have followed your lead and started blogging much earlier!