Friday, May 22, 2009

The McKenzie family laws of thermodynamics

A couple of years ago my daughter, Michelle gave me for Christmas a framed version of the laws below. The frame sits on my office desk and often attracts attention from visitors.
The McKenzie family laws of thermodynamics.

1. The more energy the kids have the less energy the parents have.

2. If you don't clean up your room it just gets messier and messier.

3. The McKenzie house will never be completely clean. Even if it does almost reach the state of complete cleanliness but before it does it will always get messed up again.


  1. That is very amusing.

    (Professor Vlad said you would be "screaming with joy" if someone commented.)

  2. Interesting to contemplate the McKenzie household from the information theoretic viewpoint: the amount of information needed to describe the state of the household tends to increase (the distribution of mess becomes more detailed), while the number of neurons Ross has available to represent that state stays at best constant. Luckily, the kids' allotment of neurons is expanding, so at least someone can keep on top of things...