Thursday, June 27, 2013

Talk to high school students

Tonight I am giving a talk to a group of high school students.
They are attending the Queensland Junior Physics Olympiad (JPhO), which is organised each year by UQ Physics.

My brief was to give a basic introduction to my research. Here are the slides from my talk.
I have never given such a talk to a high school audience before.

One of the videos featured was an old BBC documentary on superfluids.

I recommended the following resources for people wanting to learn more:

David Pines article Emergent behavior in quantum matter

A video on Reductionism and emergence featuring Paul Chaikin and Piers Coleman

Bob Laughlin's book A Different Universe: reinventing physics from the bottom up.

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  1. Cnogratulations on your very successful first lecture to a high school and general audience! Andrew was right in saying you were able to easily explain complex material! Thank you for your time and inspiring the next generation.
    Kerrie & Dave (parents of JPhO student)