Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ubiquitious spin and correlation physics

Today I am giving a talk at the conference. Here is the latest version of the talk. Although it is mostly based on this PRL, I hope I can bring out some of the common physics and issues with a much broader range of systems. A few take home points
  • universality (details such as crystal and chemical structures often don't matter)
  • some similar physics in organic charge transfer salts and transition metal oxides and heavy fermion compounds
  • Kondo physics is even relevant in systems without magnetic impurities!
  • Dynamical mean-field captures the crossover from a Fermi liquid (and existence of quasi-particles) to a bad metal at high temperatures.
  • But, "low" and "high" are relative (high temperature could be above 20 K!)
  • Optical conductivity is a powerful probe to see the destruction of quasi-particles and effects of strong correlations


  1. Is there a clear review of Landau's theory somewhere? (I understand Landau himself might be a thick read...)

  2. A nice introduction without too much technical detail is

    Non-Fermi liquids.
    A. J. Schofield;
    Contemporary Physics 40, 95 (1999).

    Don't be put of by the title - he talk's about Fermi liquids before talking about non-Fermi liquids