Friday, August 10, 2012

An annoying bug in Mac Mail

Over the past year I have encountered the following annoying and sometimes embarrassing problem with Mail on my Mac.
It seems that sometimes (apparently randomly to me) it strips attachments from incoming emails. A first I thought the sender had forgotten to attach the file, as sometimes happens. I asked them to resend it. Sometimes the attachment comes through on a second attempt. Other times it does not. The size does not seem to be relevant.
I thought the university system might be stripping the attachment and so I looked on the UQ Webmail and found that it was there in the original email there but not in Mail.

I welcome suggestions. I looked online and found other people with this problem, but no clear solutions.


  1. Stop using mac mail?

    Works for me!

  2. I have experienced that same bug. Our email is hosted by Gmail, and I have found that if you sign into the gmail webpage the attachment is actually there. It can be quite annoying since it does seem to happen at random!

  3. Maybe not the solution to your problem (maybe it is!), but I you might consider using Sparrow.