Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How to give a bad science talk

Amongst his one page guides John Wilkins [my postdoc supervisor] has
Guidelines for giving a truly terrible talk
"Strict adherence to the following time-􏰀tested guidelines will ensure that both you and your work remain obscure and will guarantee an audience of minimum size at your next talk􏰁."
Independently, David Sholl has illustrated the problems in concrete ways with an actual talk "The Secrets of Memorably Bad Presentations"


I am not sure if it is funny or just plain painful. But it does drive home the points.
All students (and some faculty) should be forced to watch it in full.

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  1. I had to snicker a bit watching that video - sadly showing I recognized quite a bit of the "suggestions".
    I'm going to keep the youtube link - will come in handy with new students.
    Thanks for a useful post!