Thursday, February 10, 2011

Paperwork and bureaucracy are good

O.K. Now I have got your attention, my real point is that just because university paperwork and bureaucracy are often a waste of time does not mean they are always a waste of time. There are several exercises at UQ that I think are particularly valuable and I encourage people to make the most of. They are
  • Ph.D confirmation documents, seminars, and interviews. This is a "hoop" that students have to jump through after one year of enrolment in order to be allowed to proceed with their Ph.D.
  • Annual staff performance appraisals.
Some people think these are just another tedious exercise. But, I think both exercises are of great value to all concerned, and are particularly important in cases where performance is poor. Then documentation, due process, and clear communication are important.

With regard to much of the other admin and paperwork, just grit your teeth, tick and complete the boxes, turn it in, and humour the administrators....

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