Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A decent theory for characterising some organic solar cells

The current-voltage characteristics of organic heterojunctions (HJs) are often modeled using the generalized Shockley equation derived for inorganic diodes. However, since this description does not rigorously apply to organic semiconductor donor-acceptor (D-A) HJs, the extracted parameters lack a clear physical meaning. Here, we derive the current density-voltage (J-V) characteristic specifically for D-A HJ solar cells and show that it predicts the general dependence of dark current, open-circuit voltage (Voc), and short-circuit current (Jsc) on temperature and light intensity as well as the maximum Voc for a given D-A material pair....

 This is the beginning of the abstract for a recent PRB paper from Stephen Forrest and collaborators, that I want to understand. I certainly agree with the first two sentences!

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