Monday, October 11, 2010

Bardeen International Airport?

I was intrigued and impressed that the Belgrade airport is called Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. This the only case I have encountered of an airport named after a scientist. They mostly seem to be named after politicians (e.g. JFK and Ronald Reagan) and rock stars (John Lennon in Liverpool). Here are a few proposals:

LAX - Linus Pauling
Urbana - John Bardeen
Newark - Phil Anderson
Adelaide - William Bragg

Any other ideas?

It is interesting reading the wikipedia page about Tesla, particularly the observation that he probably suffered from obessive-compulsive disorder. He is another example of where the dividing line between genius and mental illness is a fine one.


  1. The Wroclaw airport in Poland is called Copernicus Airport.

  2. New Haven's airport could be renamed after J.W. Gibbs.

  3. Pisa airport is named Galileo Galilei,
    while Rome is Leonardo da Vinci, not only a scientist

  4. Thanks for all the corrections.
    I guess the italians are the leaders with two!

    Other possibiities

    Bristol - Mott airport
    Vienna or Dublin - Schrodinger airport
    San Diego - Jonas Salk

    it is interesting that an airport has not been named after Einstein (Bern?) or Newton or Darwin

  5. "Above us only sky" = John Lennon Airport
    "We was robbed", Nottm Forest fan = Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster