Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mac tips

I am really happy with making the transition from a PC to a MacBook Pro.
I mention here two bugs I recently had to solve in the slim chance that my solutions may be of use to others.

I installed a new wireless router at home (D-Link) and had a lot of trouble getting the Mac to connect. Various online forums testified to many others having similar problems. (I always find this encouraging). But, they said things like you have to put a $ before the password. None of the suggestions worked.
It turned out that when AirPort asks for the "WPA password" for the wireless network it wants the Key not the password.

A second issue was I had some VOB videos I wanted to insert in Powerpoint. On the PC I could do this with a hyperlink. It did not work on the Mac. Instead, what works even better is to download the freeware HandBrake which can convert the .VOB files to .mp4 format, and then Powerpoint can imbed them directly in the presentation.

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  1. Now what you have to do is to migrate from powerpoint to keynote. I just bought the iwork9 pack and I am very happy with it. Note that you can read and save powerpoint, exel and word formats, so, no problem of compability with microsoft office.