Friday, January 8, 2010

PC vs. Mac

So at the end of last year I did take the plunge, gave up on my 3 year old Dell PC laptop and bought a MacBook Pro 13 inch. I have no regrets. What helped tip me over the edge to do it was I must have talked to almost ten people who told me that had made the change in the past few years and had no regrets. A common comment was that they don't seem to slow down with use the way that PC's do.

My only recommendation is that if you do it, do NOT do it when you have important deadlines, e.g, about to go on a trip, write a grant, teaching a new class. I deliberately did it at the end of the year when I had no pressing deadlines. For the first month it was amazing how many little bugs and problems I had getting things to work (e.g. internet was o.k. at work but not home, one printer would work but not another, ...).

A good result of the change is that it forced me to update various software.

In fairness, I think some of the things that impress me, I may have also found if I had replaced my 3 year old PC with the latest.

I love the battery which can easily last 6 hours.


  1. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your post, you're really wise in time-management, and I'll try to use your receipts in my daily life. But:

    1. It's a bit incomprehensible for me what operating system have you exploited at your PC?
    2. As I use Linux Fedora, I don't really understand, why people spend a lot of money for an OS that takes away a lot of traditional Unix control over the system.

    Sorry if I was a bit impolite, but you've asked people to be less polite in comments.

  2. Dear All, here's my two cents,

    Speaking of Unix control. I've used linux for some years after being fed up with windows but Unix control is not what gets my papers finished. It's time. And that certainly I don't save with any Linux distro if you compare it to a Mac (to a windows probably yes).