Thursday, July 24, 2014

NORDITA workshop on water

I have written many posts about what a fascinating, difficult, and important subject water is. I think it is one of the classic hard problems that does not get the attention it deserves. Science increasingly follows the latest fashionable topic that has "low-lying fruit" to pick.
Hence, I was delighted to learn last year that NORDITA [Nordic Institute for Theoretical and Atomic Physics] is planning a month long program this year on Water - the Most Anomalous Liquid.

I was even happier when I was invited to be part of a "Working Group" in week one to focus on "Quantum effects", led by Tom Markland. Hopefully this will generate some interesting discussions, science, and blog posts!

To increase the visual appeal of this post I searched on Google Images for "water quantum" and got some scary results, including this video marketing the "Quantum BioEnergy water clamp". I am not sure whether we should laugh or cry!

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