Saturday, September 10, 2011

A unified description of hydrogen bonding

I have just finished a paper Unified description of hydrogen bonding by a two-state effective Hamiltonian. I welcome feedback. Many of the ideas in the paper have been discussed on this blog before over the past year. The paper sits right at the boundary of physics and chemistry and exemplifies the associated tensions. Some physicists may like it because of the simplicity and transparency. Some chemists may consider it glosses over and misses too many details. 
Practically all the ideas in the paper have been discussed in some form before. I see the key novelty as synthesis: providing a conceptual and semi-quantitative framework to understand a wide range of experimental and theoretical results. Consequently, I consider the paper may be the most significant one I have ever written...

I welcome feedback.
I will submit the paper to Physical Review Letters in about a week, after I have received more feedback.

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  1. Not a technical point, but your figures are all very obviously straight out of Mathematica (and thus look a little sloppy). I recommend using the LevelScheme for making professional looking figures with Mathematica: