Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A different kind of OLEDS!

I found this on for an author blurb:

His research is in the area of quantum dynamics as applied to organic polymer semiconductors, object linking and embedding directory services (OLEDS), solar cells, and energy transport in biological systems.
I think it should be Organic Light Emitting Diodes!


  1. Eric Bittner the author send me the story that goes with this:

    Apparently when I wrote it I had used OLED without defining it... Like DNA I assumed it was a unique term and I didn't catch the insertion of the other definition until the book came out in print. In fact looking through the proof pages, everything was still ok. My guess is that who ever did the final copy edit and published it on line did a acronym search for oled and didn't bother checking the context. The mistake then was propagated by amazon and every other vendor. So now in addition to being an expert on organic LEDs, I'm a computer scientist .

    There is a classic case of some thing similar this on a road sign in Wales where the top part in English reads "please leave deliveries behind the building" but the part in Welsh reads "we are out off the office at the moment, we'll translate this when we return". (or something like this). What had happened was that some one had sent a phrase to an automatic translation service, got an out of office reply, and not knowing Welsh, figured it was the correctly translated phrase. The point is that you can't blindly trust a computer or translation software to get things right. I'll hunt up the picture of the sign for your blog.

  2. Hi Ross, thanks for posting my comment. Cheers! Eric