Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You are too polite!

The blogosphere is not known for restrained, thoughtful, and respectful responses to posts. However, the readers of this blog certainly are! Overall the blog has been much more successful and useful (both to me and others) than I anticipated, with one big exception. It generates very few comments and virtually no online discussion. Furthermore, occasionally I get an email from a reader who carefully, thoughtfully, and respectfully points out an error or disagreement. I really appreciate these emails and usually suggest that the sender post the contents of their email as a comment on the blog, since it will be helpful to other readers. Usually I am wrong or the person has a different point of view which I think should be heard.

So, do not be shy!
Please post more comments, especially pointing out errors, ignorance, and different points of view.


  1. I think that it would help encourage more in-comments discussion if you also took part in them. If you reply more in comments I'm sure it will generate more dialogue.