Thursday, June 8, 2017

A lucid lecture on the last 50 years of superconductivity

At the weekly condensed matter theory cake meeting today we watched a video of a KITP blackboard talk given by Piers Coleman in 2015.
Superconducting Surprises: five decades of discovery, in both temperature and time!

It is a very nice exposition of the history and some of the key physics.

A couple of minor comments.

Organic superconductors were discovered in 1980 not 1973.

Piers claims that the difference between the thermodynamic entropy of the superconducting and metallic states (determined from integrating the temperature dependent specific heat) is related to the quantum entanglement entropy of the superconducting ground state.
The relationship between entanglement entropy (defined on a pure quantum state (at zero temperature) which is divided in two) and thermal entropies (defined for a bulk system in a mixed state at finite temperature) is an incredibly subtle and complex issue that I don't think is resolved. See for example the discussion in this paper.

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