Monday, January 25, 2016

The tragic comedy of the physics job market

Peter Woit refers to this video. It has some good insights, even if the genre is of debatable taste. A few brought chuckles to me. But, I feel it is a bit like laughing at Yes, Minister.


  1. Although I have seen this video with many many different subtitles, it always make me laugh (with all due respect).
    In any case what makes me very much smile here is the sentence: "it seems that the only available jobs are in Europe", that's because we europeans think exactly the opposite "it seems that the only available jobs are in the US".

  2. Is there any statistical data which really proves that the job market is better for condensed matter theorists than high energy theorists? At least from condensed and particle rumor mill I can not see too much difference.

    1. I don't know of any such data. This is just a claim in the video, partly for creative humour. I think it is just that the "grass looks greener" elsewhere. This is consistent with Adriano's comment above.