Saturday, August 16, 2014

Facing the black dog of depression

Unfortunately, this past two months has seen the tragic death by suicide of Robin Williams,  Seth Teller [an MIT Computer Science Professor], and Yoshiki Sasai [co-author of two retracted Nature papers].

I thought the following video on depression was helpful.


  1. Although I'm sure your post is well-intentioned I quite disagree with the title, especially in its relation to the 2 academics for each of whom there seems to be no mention of depression (; I think it is not correct to ascribe each such case to depression by default, because there is then the danger of clinically depressed people not getting the proper attention they require when we label every such unfortunate incident under depression.

    Each situation needs to be addressed separately, and delineating the differences will enable us to decide on the type of help to be provided and improve the health services.

    1. MVP,

      Thanks for your helpful comment.
      You make and excellent point.

  2. Remember it for what is –depression is real.Realize that darkness will pass.Taking after consistently is another sunrise.Take action.It is so imperative to discover a way or a place to vent your frustrations and your worries.Seek out how to help others – even as you continue to battle with your own particular darkness.By helping others you will truth be told help yourself.Always realize that like the man who had no shoes that there was another who had no feet.There is always another person who is by a wide margin worse off than you.So seek out something,regardless of how small it may be – and say thank you with a heart brimming with appreciate.