Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Antwerp talk on quantum hydrogen bonds

Here is the current version of the slides for my talk I am giving tomorrow at the Horizons in Hydrogen Bond Research conference. The first half of the talk is based on this paper.

I worked hard to cut down the number of slides, since the talk is only fifteen minutes, and the last one before morning coffee. I have lots of backup slides. I also included a slide suggesting that the model and approach might be readily extended to apply to topics considered in other talks at the conference. Hopefully this will generate more discussions.

Aside: the lecture room is like nothing I have seen before. It is in an historical building and is long and narrow with low rafters from the roof. On each set of rafters as you go towards the back of the room there is another screen, leading to about 6 different screens. Hence, there is no point in using a laser pointer on the front screen. Only the people in the front 4 rows will be looking at it. You have to use your mouse cursor as a pointer. This means it must be big enough to see. How do you change the cursor size on a Mac? I found the answer here. 

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