Monday, February 8, 2010

Monitoring blog traffic

Google Analytics provides any easy way to track traffic on your web page or blog. This blog normally gets about 40-80 page views per day. Certainly, enough to encourage me that there is enough interest that it is worth my effort. But, I got a bit of a shock when I last checked. Here are the number of page views for the past week:

Monday 70
Tuesday 91
Wednesday 159
Thursday 369
Friday 1877
Saturday 326
Sunday 117

Why the spike centered on Friday? It seems the post on the Nature paper using 17 parameter fits was featured by Hacker News, producing 1300 hits. I was impressed that they went back and read my earlier posts about curve fitting, particularly the Nature article by Freeman Dyson about getting the elephant's trunk to wiggle.

The cartoon is from a Physics Today article, Encouraging good science on the web, by Alexander Antunes.


  1. The comic is actually from xkcd, an excellent strip.

  2. Is it ironic, given the comic, that the previous comment was posted at 4:45 AM?

  3. The magic of timezones. Did you know the internet is readable worldwide?