Sunday, February 14, 2010

When faculty politics becomes deadly

The Christian Science Monitor reports

A neuroscience professor at the University of Alabama-Huntsville has been charged with capital murder for killing three people after opening fire at a faculty hearing. Dr. Amy Bishop reportedly had learned that her request for tenure had been denied for a second time.


  1. To be fair I understand that it was "friends" who were quoted as blaming the tenure thing, and in any case that would be the tip of the iceberg and (I would bet) a relatively minor contributing factor.

    Nevertheless, a terrible tragedy in one of the last places I would have expected it. A good reminder that no one is immune from mental illness. Thanks Ross.

  2. I understand that she killed her brother with a shotgun in 1996. The explanation was an accident while he was teaching her to shoot, but interestingly, there were three shots fired.