Thursday, January 14, 2016

Stunning and creative microscope images where science meets fashion

The New York Times has a nice obituary Michael W. Davidson, a Success in Microscopes and Neckwear, Dies at 65

I did not know Davidson personally but I did benefit from his art. I visited the National High Magnetic Field Lab at Florida state several times in the 1990s. In appreciation my host Jim Brooks gave me a few of the neckties [which I still wear, on the rare event I actually wear a tie!] and a series of prints of images of  Australian products such as that of Vegemite below. I still have these prints on display in my office.

The website Molecular expressions contains not just a gallery of many beautiful microscope images but also more technical discussions about microscopy.

One thing I did not know about Davidson that I learnt from the obituary was the important role he played in the work for which the Chemistry Nobel Prize of 2014 was awarded.

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