Monday, January 4, 2016

Blog highlights from 2015

Best wishes for the New Year!

Here is a selection of posts from last year I thought were the best and/or the most satisfying to write.

Are American universities Crystal Cathedrals?

Is DMFT the "only game in town"?

Battling High Impact Factor Syndrome. II

What the ten key concepts in quantum many-body physics?

The two biggest obstacles to science Ph.Ds getting a job in industry

A nice write up in Physics World

Common challenges with constructing diabatic states and Wannier orbitals

Conical intersections vs. Dirac cones. Chemistry vs. Physics.

Emergence and singular asymptotic expansions. II

Engaging Indian school students in real science experiments

There is no metal-insulator transition in extremely large magnetoresistance materials. 2.

Thanks again to all the readers who provided positive feedback last year, and particular thanks to those who wrote comments on the blog. Hope to see more in 2016!

I welcome suggestions on possible topics for future posts.

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