Thursday, April 1, 2021

Where might condensed matter physics be heading?

Will there be big new discoveries? Will old problems be solved?  

I have finished my draft of, "An endless frontier" the last chapter of Condensed Matter Physics: A Very Short Introduction.

I aim to give a balanced perspective that is optimistic but realistic. Have I? Obviously, this is highly subjective.

I am interested in general feedback, particularly on whether your aunt or uncle or an eager undergraduate would find this interesting and engaging.

Besides your own research area :), are there particular topics that you think are ripe for exploration?

Perhaps, a cartoon about predicting the future. Maybe one of these two?

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  1. I found a typo in the paragraph talking about soft matter: "He identifies several defining characteristics of soft matter: structures at mesoscopic length scales (i.e. intermediate between the micro- and macro-scopic), universality, common experimental techniques, universality, and multi-disciplinarity (physics, chemistry, engineering, biology)"

    You repeat "universality" twice.

    Really loved the chapter by the way!