Friday, February 10, 2017

Instability of the Fermi liquid near the Mott transition

In the metallic state of many strongly correlated electron materials, Fermi liquid properties are only observed at relatively low temperatures, at a scale (the coherence temperature T_coh) that can be orders of magnitude less than the Fermi temperature that is estimated from the relevant electronic band structure. Above T_coh one observes a "bad metal" and the absence of quasi-particles.

These features are nicely captured by Dynamical Mean-Field Theory (DMFT).
An interesting question is whether this low-temperature scale can be captured in simpler theories.

Alejandro Mezio and I just finished a paper

The phase diagram at half filling is shown below. Note how near the Mott insulator T_coh is orders of magnitude smaller than W/2, the scale of the Fermi temperature for U=0. It is also much smaller than this scale multiplied by Z, the band renormalisation due to interactions.
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