Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Not seeing the pseudogap in ultra cold 2D atoms

Two weeks ago it was nice to have Meera Parish visit UQ and give a colloquium Fermions in Flatland. She recently moved to Monash University from University College London.

One important point she made was the comparison of the two figures below, showing a colour intensity plot of the one fermion spectral function A(E,k) for a two-dimensional Fermi gas near the unitary limit (BCS-BEC crossover).

The bottom figure is experimental data from a Nature paper, 
It makes much of the possible connection to the pseudogap seen in cuprate superconductors.

The top figure is from a theory paper
Vudtiwat Ngampruetikorn, Jesper Levinsen, and Meera M. Parish
Therefore, our results suggest that the observed pairing gap [Nature paper] effectively arises from two-body physics and does not correspond to a pseudogap regime. This view is further supported by the fact that the pairing gap in the spectrum persists to very high temperatures well above Tc, as shown in Fig. [above]. Moreover, we see that the “closure” of the gap with increasing temperature appears to be due to the thermal broadening of the two branches.
An earlier post discussed more recent measurements of the spectral function in three-dimensional ultra cold fermionic atoms near the unitary limit.

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