Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Is this a useless contribution from Science and AIP journals?

Am I the only person irritated by this?
When you download an article from Science, IOP,  or AIP journals the first page is content free. Samples are below.
The "Articles you may be interested in" are usually a random collection of peripheral connection to the article.

When you want to print the article you can always just not print this page; but that does require a little more effort beyond hitting the "Print" key.

I realise there are more important things in the world to get upset about [schoolgirls getting kidnapped in Africa, scientific fraud, the latest Australian government budget, climate change....], but I just don't see why this is necessary.....


  1. I completely agree - it irritates the bleep out of me.
    You can delete the first page either by paying for Acrobat, or going online, but it's completely useless. In fact, I think it should be expected that when one opens the paper, the first thing one needs to see is the authors and the title. If they want links and DOIs in there, fine. Incoroporate that on the first page of the paper.

    I hope they read this...

  2. I hate it with the strength of ten strong bears.