Friday, August 27, 2010

Proof read that application or paper!

If you are applying for something it is really worth proof reading your application a couple of times and getting someone else to as well. This is a nice and helpful thing that students and postdocs can do for each other. Don't rely on your busy supervisor.

At times I have to review large numbers of applications (jobs, grants, Ph.D proposals, or papers to referee ...). One thing I have noticed that quickly irritates me and some of my senior colleagues is the number of typos or incomplete information in many applications. Maybe it should not matter, but it does have an effect on how people perceive your application.

Also if you are reapplying (or resubmitting) do NOT assume that people will remember the last version and why they asked you to revise for re-submission or re-application. It really helps your case if people can see that you have taken on board the feedback given. Ignoring it can be the kiss of death....

Again, you may not like this or agree with it. But, that is the way things are ....

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