Saturday, April 10, 2010

Recommended summer school in Rio

The 4th annual I2CAM/FAPERJ Summer school "New Phenomena in Quantum Matter" will be held in Rio de Janeiro 6th-12th June, this year. Speakers include Zlatko Tesanovic, Jenny Hoffman, Suchitra Sebastian, Graeme Luke, Piers Coleman and Pascual Pagliuso. There are funds from I2CAM to support approximately 20 students from the USA, and 20 students from across, South America. Others are welcome to attend with their own funding.

Because of the short time frame to the conference, and the need for students to obtain visas, students should apply within the next two weeks. Although the application deadline will be in two weeks time, (Friday, April 23rd) the selection process will run as applications are received.


  1. That looks very nice. Piers Coleman I would really love to hear.

    Can I plug one here too? Windsor Summer School. There will be Geim, Falko, Girvin, Kane, Loss, Cooper. Everyone speaking is quite eminent, and it should be lots of fun.


  2. oh...