Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Overdoped cuprates are marginal Fermi liquids

I am giving a talk tomorrow at the Superconductivity workshop at the Aspen Center for Physics.
Here is the current version of the slides. I will only cover the first half of the slides in the talk. The rest are from a longer version.

Often it is claimed that the overdoped cuprates are Fermi liquids. However, work with Jure Kokalj and Nigel Hussey, has shown that a wide range of experimental results can be described in terms of an electronic self energy that includes a marginal Fermi liquid component which has the same angular dependence as the pseudogap, i.e. there are cold spots near the nodes of the superconducting state.
What is particularly interesting to me is that this shows that even in the overdoped region one sees precursors of the distinct signatures of the strange metal and the pseudogap regions, that occur at optimal and underdoping, respectively.

The talk is largely based on this PRL and this PRB.

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