Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Perfectionism and procrastination

The Dimensions of perfectionism

Frost et al., Cognitive Theory and Research 14, 449 (1990) [cited 500+ times]

Excessive concern about making mistakes

High personal standards

Perception of high parental expectations

Perception of high parental criticism

Doubting of the quality of ones actions

Preference for order and organisation

An interesting study [which may have never been cited!] I found in ISI but not online claims "Surprisingly, graduate students may procrastinate on academic tasks even more than do undergraduate students. Perfectionism also has been found to be high among graduate students."


  1. Was this so-called study called Piled Higher and Deeper and significantly more entertaining than most studies?

    I can empathise. As an undergrad your attempts at procrastination are thwarted by deadlines (plus a day or two). The PhD student can procrastinate for months with such a nebulous (sp?) goal nowhere in sight.

  2. Interesting. It seems for each of these that I either fit the mold, or don't fit it in a major way. For example, I think (1) applies, but anyone passing my office knows (6) does not...