Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Boulder school lectures online

The 2010 Boulder School for Condensed and Materials Physics (July 6-30, at the University of Colorado, Boulder) is entitled "Computational and Conceptual Approaches to Quantum Many-Body Systems".
This year the School will again employ a webcast system that allows for real-time streaming of video/audio of its proceedings, including all the lectures, questions, answers, and discussions.
This is a great resource for people who cannot attend this great event.

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  1. The school has, in years past, been quite selective --something I've interpreted as meaning that either you are already awesome (and probably dont need the school), or if your advisor is lecturing or works with someone lecturing, you get to attend.

    this year, this webcast makes a huge difference, in sharing the resource --which is really fantastic-- with anyone who is interested enough to watch.

    i think it's a great thing for students who either don't have the financial resources, personal connections, or resume to get in.

    it's a great school, and sharing it is a good thing.