Monday, April 19, 2010

Looking in the mirror

Last week I sat in on the lecture of a colleague, Joel Corney, who I am teaching an undergraduate course, PHYS2020 Thermodynamics and Condensed Matter Physics. I did this to see how he uses "clickers" which provide instant feedback on students levels of understanding.
I was quite impressed and look forward to trying to integrate them into my own teaching of the course, beginning in two weeks. For one thing, I think they keep the students a lot more engaged.

I also provided Joel some feedback on his lecturing. [At UQ, we are encouraged to do this]. One thing I did not expect from this exercise was how helpful it was for me. I tried to see things from the students perspectives and became more aware of a few things I do (or don't do) that I need to work on to improve my teaching. It is always easier to see other's shortcomings than your own.

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