Thursday, April 19, 2018

Laughing at your life in science

I watched Ph.D Movie 2: Still in Grad School, which is based on the legendary Ph.D comics, written by Jorge Cham.

It is worth watching as it is quite funny. On the other hand, some of the caricatures are getting a little too close to reality....

While on the funny side of science, my wife and I have been enjoying watching Young Sheldon. I am a Big fan of The Big Bang Theory, but was not sure whether this new show would be as good. This was partly influenced by a moderately negative review in the New York Times (albeit based on one episode). I disagree as I think that both shows do have an interesting cast of characters.
On the other hand, Young Sheldon does not have as much science as TBBT, at least for the first six episodes that I have seen. Here Schrodinger's cat gets discussed.

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