Monday, November 20, 2017

I am not that Ross MacKenzie

Today the Australian Medical Journal published an article

Legal does not mean unaccountable: suing tobacco companies to recover health care costs 
Ross MacKenzie, Eric LeGresley and Mike Daube

This is getting some press and community attention.

For the public record, I am not one of the authors. I am Ross McKenzie.

Yesterday, I got an invitation to do an interview with a radio station in New Zealand!
Now, I just received the following hate mail.
Pity that you don't advocate for the government to recoup alcohol costs from companies, who have caused much more damage to drunks and others, you intellectual pigmy


  1. In my experience, when you have dozens of people writing to you in a case of mistaken identity, it helps to have a very simple reply that you can just bang out and move on. "I am not that Ross MacKenzie" sums it up admirably - just say that and nothing more in each reply, is my advice.

  2. Mea culpa. I am that Ross MacKenzie - apparently different disciplines, universities, cities and surname spellings are not obvious enough distinction for some (will refrain from using terms such as intellectual pygmy).