Monday, March 13, 2017

What do your students really expect and value?

Should you ban cell phones in class?

I found this video quite insightful. It reminded me of the gulf between me and some students.

It confirmed my policy of not allowing texting in class. Partly this is to force students to be more engaged. But it is also to make students think about whether they really need to be "connected" all the time?

What is your policy of phones in class?

I think that the characterisation of "millennials" may be a bit harsh and too one dimensional. Although I did encounter some of the underlying attitudes in a problematic class a few years ago. Then reading a Time magazine cover article was helpful.
I also think that this is not a good characterisation of many of the students that make it as far as an advanced undergraduate or Ph.D programs. By then many of the narcissistic and entitled have self selected out. It is just too much hard work.



    Mobile Phones in the Classroom: Examining the Effects of Texting, Twitter, and Message Content on Student Learning article title

    There are many articles on the above topic. Time permitting , one can google " Mobile phones in classrooms article in journals"

    1. Thanks. That is an interesting and useful article. I am glad someone is trying to quantify the problem.

  2. Phones can be in the classroom, but have to be in the back-pack.
    If I see one out, it gets (silenced and) put on a desk in the front, where the owner can pick it up after class is over.
    It is unpolite, distracting (for students AND teacher), and thus defeats the purpose (for the best case scenario where they use it to find info (wikipedia?) related to the class). If they need to know something they should ask; that teaches the teacher what the students struggle with...

    1. Well done! It is encouraging that someone else is concerned and taking significant action.