Monday, June 20, 2016

A nice text on spectroscopy of biomolecules

Bill Parson kindly gave me a copy of the new edition of his book, Modern Optical SpectroscopyWith Exercises and Examples from Biophysics and Biochemistry
It is a excellent book that covers a range of topics that are of increasing importance and interest to a range of people.
I am not sure I am aware of any other books with similar scope.

Two particular audiences will benefit from engaging with the material.

1. Biochemists and biophysics who have a weak background in quantum theory and need to understand how it underpins many spectroscopic tools that are now widely used to describe and understand biomolecules.

2. Quantum physicists who are interested in the relevance (and irrelevance!) of quantum theory to biomolecular systems. For some it could be a reality check of the complexities and subtleties involved and the long and rich history associated with the subject.

I highly recommend it. I have learnt a lot from it, some it quite basic stuff I should have known.

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